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Handmade Silver Rings

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Often all you need to complete an outfit is something as small
as a silver pendant. At Nine50, we have unique and unusual handmade silver
pendants many of which are one of a kind pieces. Nine50's Silver Pendant
collection contains handmade silver pendants from some of Peru's most
renowned Silver Artisan's. Nine50 only presents you with
silver jewellery of great detail and beautiful craftsmanship. Our Silver
Pendant collection also includes Shell and Stone Pendants. In addition
Nine50 offers pendants handmade using hand cut and polished stones such as
Rose quartz, Lapis Lazuli, Chysocolla, Turquoise, Rhodonite, Jasper, Onyx
and many more. We also offer many Silver and Shell Pendants including
shells like Mother of Pearl and the stunning Spondylus Shell so famous
throughout Peru. Incredibly Nine50 also offers Silver Pendants made using
Huayruro Seeds. Native Peruvians will tell you that the seeds will bring
you good luck, happiness, fertility and ward off negative energy. In Peru
it is a tradition that newborn babies are given items containing Huayruro
Seeds to help keep them safe from harm. In the past the only way to
purchase Peruvian Silver Jewellery was to travel to South America! Nine50
Silver now brings to you unique Silver pendants which have been  collected
and brought together to share with you. Enjoy browsing our collection of
pendants, we hope you find something that truly delights you.