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Colloidal Silver

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The benefits of silver were well known to ancient civilizations. Among others, the early Greeks and Romans crafted water vessels and household utensils from this precious metal, which was known to have antibactefungal properties. 

By 1800, the first colloidal silver products were being used in medicine and veterinary practice to combat infection. This usage continued until the early twentieth century, when they were displaced by the discovery and development of antibacterial sulphonamides (or 'sulpha' drugs) and the first antibiotic, penicillin, was later followed by more modern antibiotics.


The use of silver as an antimicrobial agent is currently being studied and increasingly applied in medicine. In fact, the number of scientific research papers published on colloidal silver in 2007 alone, was in excess    of 2300 papers worldwide. With the benefits of recent research, the applications and effectiveness of silver products have been greatly increased. Silver is now making a comeback in many commercial products including dish  cloths, paper towels, deodorant, mattresses, some washing machines and refrigerators and in water purifiers.

Particles VS. Ions - Don't be Fooled!

Be careful what you buy! Silver Health - Colloidal Silver is not the same as the other products on the market. Not all silver products will work when ingested! 

Silver Ions VS. True Colloidal Silver (particles)    

Many silver products on the market have Silver Ions as their active ingredient. Whilst being effective topically, silver ions react with chloride ions found naturally in your stomach, deactivating the silver and preventing it from doing it's job. True Colloidal Silver by Silver Health is made of nano-sized silver particles and is therefore nonreactive with chloride ions. This allows it to kill bacteria inside the body!